Charles Neblett
Charles Neblett
Software Engineer in Austin, TX



Hi, there! I'm Charles, a self-taught, full-stack software engineer based in Austin, TX. I specialize in web development, and am currently working as a consultant for a large DoD client of VMware. I've spent the last few years working with a range of web technologies including React, Node, Express, GraphQL, Flask, and Spring Boot. I've been writing code since 2011, where I was first exposed to an IDE while writing mods for Minecraft servers in Java. Since then, I've explored trading automation with Python, scaling e-commerce with Drupal, and private cloud using Ansible and Kubernetes on Raspberry Pis in my own home lab. While I stay up to date with emerging back-end languages and technologies, my passion is in building exceptional, accessible, test-driven, and human-centered UIs that are a pleasure to use.

Professionally, I've had the opportunity to lead a front-end rewrite of an enterprise sales gamification platform. I've also written proof of concepts for clients' cloud deployments, helping them to understand the potential of enterprise cloud technologies. In addition, I've co-authored an IBM security software development course and exam to share knowledge and skills with my colleagues. The bulk of my professional experience has been spent developing the an enterprise support platform in an Agile team, and along the way, I've been fortunate enough to guide and mentor interns and junior engineers.

In my free time, when I'm not learning new tech, I enjoy traveling, powerlifting, reading, and competitive gaming.


  • Software engineering consultant to a large DoD organization.
  • Lead developer and business management consultant for Drupal e-commerce platform startup.
  • Lead UI developer on an enterprise gamification platform with an integrated CMS, allowing users to collaboratively manage sales-enablement games and user access-control in a codeless environment. Used by tens of thousands of employees.
  • Full-stack developer on a python security threat data generating API used in a variety of enterprise-grade security products; used by sales engineers to generate threat data in the shape of client needs.
  • Full-stack engineer on an enterprise hardware support platform, building end-to-end features with an emphasis on UI engineering.


  • Finance. I've been working on an investment automation API for a few years now, and this project has driven an expanding interest in finance and markets
  • Fitness & Outdoors. I'm currently working on a fitness programming platform, built in a monorepo using React, Node, and GraphQL. Its feature set includes user-designed and transactable cyclical training programs with rich customizations and metrics.


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